“Many people agonize endlessly over dreaming up the perfect company name. Don’t. If you’re waiting until you come up with the perfect name, you’re also waiting to start making money.” Jeff Haden

When a business focuses on money, that business is designed to fail. Instead, businesses should chase excellence because money follows excellence. To start a great business, try to find a great solution for a great problem first and then go ahead. “When you build something amazing in the world, you will get paid,” Hoffman says. “Until then, it doesn’t matter anyway. It’s just a Powerpoint.”

If you need to be loved by clients, try to make them happy, bring to them what they wanted for long time, start by thinking on product you can bring on market which is not on market or improvement of existing product. Before starting business determine the problem you are solving. you need to define that problem and determine your solution. Don’t think on your interest before getting customers’ interest. When customers find in your business their own interest, you will get more interest from them, there you will become

Many entrepreneurs will agree, the best products get made when the founders come upon a problem in their own lives that needs to be solved. By addressing a pain point, they become deeply connected to their mission, True entrepreneurs know that the best businesses are those that are founded to meet a demonstrated need amongst their markets

In the year 1998, twenty years ago, four years following genocide against Tutsi of the year 1994, I remember one song advertising and welcoming new technology of wireless communication known as Mobile phone, the song was in Kinyarwanda Language saying: dukoreshe mobile mu buryo butaziguye Mobile…  means Let use Mobile in easy way Mobile… it was the first and big step of technology in Rwanda, when MTN Rwanda started with Mobile communication, there was  many problems of communication, the existing wired phones’ network was not reaching everywhere on in some cities, and it was four only big companies and some business persons.

MTN Rwanda began its operations in 1998, starting out as an exclusive GSM network providing voice and SMS services. The portfolio has exponentially grown to include data, wireless internet, Mobile Money services, Enterprise solutions and other Value-Added Services. Technological innovation is vital to MTN’s existence. Click here for more details

After 10 years, MTN Rwanda brought new solution and solved  a big problem that every Rwandan was facing. In our country many people used to send money  with  transport companies which was not a sure transfer, it was expensive and it was taking long time, then MTN Rwanda started new technology of Money transfer called at that time MTN Mobile Money today got new name MTN MoMo with facilities payment. MTN Rwanda has not stopped, MTN still looking for solutions for Rwandan people and residents

When you go through history of big companies across the word you find that before being great they started by making their clients happy with unexpected solutions found for them, we have hundreds of examples. Let us take one simple example

Leah Busque, founder of TaskRabbit, an on-demand marketplace for outsourcing errands, came up with the idea for her business on a cold, snowy night in Boston in February 2008. She and her husband were at home, ready to go out to dinner, when they realized they were out of dog food for their 100-pound yellow lab, Kobe.

“We were thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone in our neighbourhood who could grab us the dog food?” Busque told the audience at the Next: Economy conference in San Francisco in 2015. “Maybe there was even somebody at the store this very moment and wouldn’t it be nice if we could connect with them and say, ‘Hey can you grab us this bag? Happy to pay for your time.’ And the conversation that evening evolved into what became TaskRabbit.”