Many times, when clients come to us for designs they always show requirements and then we start discuss requirements with target of helping our client to satisfy his audience and customers. While discussing with our clients, we write what is saying to not forget important and necessary things which can affect our project during development, we also ask many questions for example Why this? Why not this? Why can’t you do like that? Why did you choose this colour? And others like these.

Many clients respond the above questions by mentioning they’re on desire not for their client, like I like this color, this means a lot in my history, this is most important because my wife like it, you remember that many companies have this and other similar answers. That is why we publish this article the help our visitors to know the target of business web design, and how to make requirements before designing website or other designs like logo…

Your Business website should be designed with interesting format to represent your business online. It should reflect your business to attract visitors to your site, whom can become your potential clients, an attractive website design is one that intrigues viewers to want to explore deeper into the whole website. Your website should initially be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, who are you trying to lure with your website? Young people? Seniors? People with dogs? The theme of your website (colors, graphics, font, style) should reflect your business and who you are trying to attract as clients.

While it might seem like your site should be more about marketing, your site should be welcoming visitors and advertise your products and services. One of the main reasons to focus on the visitors is to ensure they feel like needed to your business and this plays big role to your business of welcoming and meet your most needed people (Clients).