Volcanoes National Park

The mountain gorilla is the only great ape seeing its population increase, thanks combined efforts to ensure their survival.


Around 600 of these magnificent and gentle creatures live on the Rwandan side of the Virunga Massif, including 41 social groups and 14 solitary males.


Kibeho Parish has been a global pilgrimage destination for Roman Catholics since the Virgin Mary appeared on 28 November 1981


Peaceful and compact, Huye was founded in the early colonial era. Today is a centre of academia, as well as housing the Ethnographic Museum.


A small town on the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the closest town to Nyungwe National Park. Budget accommodation here will appeal to self-drive visitors to the National Park.


Home to the King’s Palace – a reconstruction of the traditional royal residence, a beautifully-crafted thatched dwelling shaped like a beehive.


Close to the Volcanoes National Park, Musanze is a hassle-free and buzzing city, with plenty of choice for eating out, ATMs to withdraw cash, vibrant nightlife, markets and artisanal trades.


A popular beach retreat on the shores of Lake Kivu with majestic vistas, a tranquil atmosphere and easy access from Kigali.


A waterfront town on the shores of Lake Kivu, with red sandy beaches, warm clean water and an easygoing tropical character.


The capital city is pleasantly low key yet dynamic and progressive. It’s green, clean and safe with meaningful culture and remarkable drive.


A convenient base to explore the Akagera National Park for those on a restricted budget or averse to camping. Other nearby attractions include the Rusumo Falls, a half day trip.



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